Dr. Hadley’s Reviews

Rita Hadley MD

Dr. Hadley’s Reviews

From Health Grades

Bev G in Dayton, OH | Jan 16, 2017
Dr Hadley is an excellent doctor with a no-nonsense kind of approach. She helped me get to my desired weight and gave me the biggest hug when I did. I really liked her and she is a great physician.
  Sue S in Tempe, AZ | May 21, 2016
Dr Hadley is amazing. She’s highly skilled, is caring and compassionate while being professional. She is by far the most caring doctor we’ve ever seen. We felt like she was our biggest supporter. After my husband spent 8 days in the hospital, lost 40 pounds in 3 weeks….she got him back to his…more
 Mary Staton in Dayton, OH | May 17, 2016
Dr. Hadley performed an open gastric bypass on me 13 years ago next week. She is the kindest most compassionate Dr. I have ever been to. She explained the process thoroughly. I followed up with her every year until she left Oh. I am still 100 lbs less than surgery day. You can’t do any better.

Dr. Hadley’s Reviews

From Obesity Help

Lynn C.

Dr. Hadley has a great bedside manner. She was an excellent surgeon and her staff/nurses are awesome, too.

Dec. 29, 2005


Dr. Rita Hadley Anderson (she recently got married) of New Life Surgery. This is the only doctor’s office that my internist would refer me to in Ohio.

April 8, 2005

Jen B.

I originally chose to have surgery with Dr. Maguire but he was booked until the first of the year. I heard wonderful things about Dr. Hadley, who has trained under Dr. Maguire extensively.

I actually met with Dr. Hadley Dec. 16th & she was just a doll. She went over her requirements, took the time to listen to me & answer my questions & then gave me a big hug before she walked out.
Dr. Hadley me made feel completely at peace with my decision & I am ready to go!
My first impression of Dr. Maguire was that he was a very quiet, soft spoken surgeon. As he spoke during the required info session, I could tell how extremely qualified that he was.
After Dr. Maguire answered all of my questions, I could tell that he was a very compassionate, caring & responsible surgeon. I immediately felt as though I wasn’t another “dollar” to him….I was an actual person struggling with a disease for which he could help me with every step of the way.
There wasn’t a thing that I didn’t like about him.
Aftercare is a lifelong requirement for him. He wants to be involved with his patients for life & this again makes me feel so at ease. Dr. Maguire’s patients have support groups for both RNY & BPD D/S patients & there is also websites where you can post & get instant feedback from former patients.
Dr. Maguire conveyed all of the risks of each surgery as well as all of the benefits.
I would rate him a 100 on a scale of 1 to 10…I just cannot say enough good things about him.
Dec. 21, 2004

Bunny O.

I really like Dr. Hadley. I had been referred to an infectious disease doctor to deal with the infection and the abscesses, but she found out he wasn’t responding in what I felt was a timely manner, she took charge of the matter. She’s very bright, proactive, and responds quickly to her patients’ needs.

Dec. 20, 2004

The first time I met her I felt like she cared.
Nov. 5, 2004
Martha B.

She’s great – took 25 minutes to talk w/ me in the dining room of the hospital. Needless to say, nonbillable time, but she gave freely, answered all my questions, very courteous, friendly, and gracious. And I hear good things from other post-op patients, so I feel good about choosing her to do my RNY.

Oct. 17, 2004

Angela W.

Dr Hadley is wonderful. She is so kind, but she is serious too. She gave me a big long hug at my 2 week appointment–she sincerely cares for her patients.

Oct. 6, 2004

Theresa B.

Dr. Hadley is the most caring and sincere person. I felt instantly at ease with her.

Sept. 2, 2004


Dr. Hadley is the best! Besides being very competent, she is extremely kind and caring. Her office staff has always greeted me with a smile and I feel very comfortable there. The entire surgical staff seems to stress the importance of aftercare. During the seminar, she made us aware of the risks of surgery and didn’t try to downplay it. Overall I believe I made the best possible choice!

Aug. 13, 2004

Kasey M.

Dr. Hadley is a beautiful, confident, and personable surgeon. She is the only female bariatric surgeon at New Life Surgery Center and that is why I chose to go with her. I haven’t regretted my decision yet. The NLS office at Kettering Medical Center is wonderful – the staff is extremely polite and I didn’t feel like an idiot when I called with questions. The orientation program they have is great and answers a lot of questions about the two different kinds of surgeries. Overall, I would rate her a nine out of ten (just because no one is perfect!)

July 30, 2004

Sandy H.

Very professional – She suggested Lap – said I was a great candidate for it – healthy and young. Very little healing necessary. The office was very organized and scheduled to meet my needs.

May 3, 2004

Nancy S.

My surgery is scheduled for 10/27/03, and I had my pre-surgery appointment with Dr. Hadley yesterday. Actually I spent way more time with her office and nursing staff than with her, but that’s fine. Everything that I need to do was totally, thoroughly explained to me. Everyone was very friendly, kind, and supportive. I really appreciate the extremely large gown I was given to change into for my physical–it’s been a long time since I put on something that’s too big for me!

Dr. Hadley is wonderful. The physical was not as thorough as I would have thought, but she had the results of my pre-op testing and that was all fine. She sat and asked me if I had any questions, and took the time to answer everything I had to ask. I didn’t have much to ask so it didn’t take long, but even though there were lots of people in the waiting room, I felt like she would have sat there for hours if that is what it took to be sure I am adequately prepared for surgery.
When we were finished, she reassured me, told me to relax and enjoy the next few days, and that she would see me Monday morning. Then she actually hugged me–silly, but for some reason it meant a great deal to me! I am totally comfortable with Dr. Hadley as my surgeon–both because I am confident in her skills and competence and happy with her bedside manner.
This is all just my opinion and some of what I remember from the group information session.
I went to Dr. Maguire’s information meeting on July 11, 2003. This was my third info session–I had also had an initial consultation at Bariatric Treatment Center ($90 cash) and attended the information meeting for Dr. Ayers and Dr. Bruce. I wasn’t thrilled with BTC (although I liked Dr. Viglianco), and I really liked Dr. Ayers, but Drs. Maguire and Hadley just seemed more….. right for me. I trusted Dr. Maguire and his experience, and if he trusts Dr. Hadley, then I do too.
My first impression of both Doctors and their office staff was very good. Dr. Maguire conductued the session because Dr. Hadley was in surgery. She did come in later and was there with him to answer questions. I really liked the emphasis they place on lowering risk of very serious complications– they oversew staple lines and leave a drainage tube into the stomach area for two weeks after surgery in case it is needed for additional nutrition or for drainage in case of intestinal blockage. This is uncomfortable, and these complications are rare, but just in case, I like the idea!
They emphasized the need for correct diet and follow-up care, but it is only included in the surgery price for the first six months. After that you pay whatever the office visit price is, according to what you need. They said that they will work with your primary care physician to ensure that you get the appropriate followup, but of course they would prefer you to go to them for followup care.
At this point I can’t imagine going to anyone else. I haven’t met with either doctor personally, and won’t until I wade through the insuranace swamp and have a surgery date. With this in mind, I would say at this time the most negative thing I have to say is that they were both very professional and business-like. But I’m looking for a surgeon, not a buddy.
Oct. 24, 2003

Lisa B.

Dr. Hadley has been a godsend. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about her.

Sept. 2, 2003

Jane H.

When I first saw Dr. Hadley I thought oh boy, she’s skinny as a rail, what does she know about walking in my shoes? But now I know her to be the most compassionate surgeon it’s been my good fortune to meet (and I worked in surgical ICU for 10 years). Her office people are kind and efficient, she is extremely available and responsive, and the aftercare program at her practice is pretty comprehensive. I wish they had a nutritionist available.

Overall rating: A PLUS!! (And I’m not kind to surgeons .. ask any who’ve worked with me <g>)
June 20, 2003

When I first encountered Dr. Hadley at the informational meeting my impression was “competent.” When I went in for my preop visit I was very impressed with her ability to relate to me and my husband one on one. I was immediately confident that I had made a good choice for my surgeon. The office staff is excellent–very professional and helpful. I was repeatedly reminded to call with any questions or concerns. Dr. Hadley was very kind and compassionate–she even gave me a hug the day she sent me home from the hospital. She was/is very encouraging. Aftercare is highly stressed with regular checkups and annual checkups for life after the first year. Risks were addressed adequately and honestly. My experience was very positive and I had no complications so my impressions may be better than someone who had some problems. This is only my own personal experience.

May 16, 2003


I went to the informational meeting, and Dr. Maguire and Dr. Hadley were both there. Dr. Hadley seemed to be very informed and on top of things. I decided to go with her as my surgeon. Not that Dr. maguire wasnt. They went over everything that you needed to know about the surgery and answered all of the questions that were given to them.
They really stress aftercare.They explained all the risks of surgery. I was impressed.

March 12, 2003